Upgrade Guide

Upgrading both the template and the T3 Framework Plug-in was made easy by introducing the JA Extensions Manager for Joomla! 1.7. However, I will document the process of upgrading a T3 Framework Template with AND without the JA Extensions Manager.

The Classic Way

This stands as a comprehensive and complete guide on how to deal with upgrade on any Joomla! 1.7 website, without JA Extensions Manager on a production live site or any other testing or development environment.

The Quick & Better Way

This method involves using the JA Extensions Manager and saves precious time if you don't want to manually uninstall and re-install the template and the core framework plug-in. Click here to download this extension and you can check the documentation here. The JA Extensions Manager is helpful as it can automatically back-up your extension while installing a new version, comes with a built in code compare feature to help you track code changes and you can also rollback to your previous setup (including all your customizations) with just a few clicks. OK, if you have downloaded & installed JA Extensions Manager, here are the steps to follow: