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Themes Panel

This panel was developed to ease your work managing multiple themes. You can create your custom color themes, pack them and upload them to the template themes folder right in the back-end, just like installing a template extension.

What are themes? Please click here to find out.

There are two type of themes: core themes - themes supplied by the template developer, cannot be deleted in the back-end as they are part of the template core files; local themes or user created themes.

Uploading themes

Based on default core themes, you can create your own themes and upload them right in the back-end of your website. For instance you would like to design a green theme, please follow this quick guide:

  • Create your theme following these instructions.
  • Pack your theme into a zip file.
  • Click the Choose File button to browse for your theme.
  • Click the Upload File & Install button.

The newly uploaded theme will be listed in the Local Themes section of the Themes Panel.

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