Metallographic Tests

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The “metallographic tests” division provides a fully equipped and supported metallography service to evaluate the characteristics of metallic materials, according to all European and American standards such as EN, ISO, ASTM, ASME, NACE, AD-MERKBLATT, EEMUA and others.

The following main testing activity is commonly carried out by the division:

  • machining service, for fast and accurate preparation of mechanical test specimens
  • sample cutting, preparation to a polished finish
  • chemical/electrochemical etching
  • visual examination of metallic microstructures
  • macrographic inspections
  • micrographic inspections
  • assessment, phase counting, grain sizing and inclusion counting
  • image analysis and digital photography
  • scanning electron microscopy and X-ray dispersive microprobe inspections

We, also, offer a site investigation service on existing steel structures, power station, pipelines and general engineering situation. Site work, employing experienced individuals, advanced equipment and highly qualified personnel, are available to carry out replication of microstructures, including interpretation if required.


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