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Major fields of interest include materials testing (metallic, non-metallic, polymeric and composite), characterization on concrete structure (cement, aggregates, steel reinforcing bar), road materials testing, soil testing. In this framework, we provide you with the results of the relevant laboratory tests.

We also offer a site investigation service on existing concrete structures, public buildings, steel structures, and general engineering situation.

Laboratories Services. C.T.M. s.r.l. Laboratories offer a comprehensive range of mechanical, physical and chemical testing services for a wide array of materials. Tests are conducted in accordance with applicable industrial, National, and International standards and specifications such as UNI, EN, ISO, ASTM, ASME, NACE, AD-MERKBLATT, EEMUA and others or are tailored to each Client’s individual requirements. Capabilities include: tensile, compression, flexural, bend, pull/push, shear, torque, impact, vickers hardness, brinell hardness ,rockwell hardness, micro-hardness, surface roughness, energy, density/specific gravity, vicat softening temperature, viscosity, transmittance and more.

The equipment used for carrying out such tests are all calibrated by a University Institution (recognized by Italian Government as Official Calibration Centre) two times a year and by a SIT Centre every year, thus ensuring the certainty of given data.

Site Services and non Destructive Testing (NDT). It is often the case that components or structures which require testing cannot be moved to the laboratory. To address such situations, C.T.M. s.r.l. has developed a comprehensive site testing service to cover most site based requirements. Qualified and experienced staff undertake these site testing services on your behalf. The staff of C.T.M. s.r.l. includes experts certified by the CICPND (Italian Co-ordination Centre for Non-Destructive Testing) at the higher level (level III) for non-destructive testing.

Calibration Service. The Calibration Division offers calibration of an extensive range of measuring instruments and gauges for force (in both tension and compression), dimensional pressure and temperature. All samples of C.T.M. s.r.l. are referred to National standards for the relative physical quantities. Calibrations are performed in
Quality Assurance, with coded procedures available for consultation.

Training Service. The C.T.M. s.r.l. has been involved in non-destructive testing and structural health monitoring of civil structures for over ten years. In december 2003 an examination centre has been created, aimed at the certification of personnel responsible for testing concrete and masonry civil structures. The centre is certified by the CICPND (Italian Co-ordination Centre for Non-Destructive Testing). The centre has a quality system certified by the CICPND under the supervision of the SINCERT (National System for the Accreditation of Certification and Inspection Bodies).The staff of the examination centre includes experts certified at the higher level (level III) for non-destructive testing.
The activity of the examination centre is strictly connected with the education activity where both general and specific courses are organised, dealing with the main non-destructive testing methods for civil structures. The courses and seminaries organized by C.T.M. s.r.l. are an important discussion and professional growth opportunity for our Customers technical staff.