Rocks tests

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The “rocks tests” division was founded with the aim to provide a wide range of routine and advanced testing techniques for the experimental assessment and the determination of main physical and mechanical characteristics of rocks, by means of advanced equipment and highly qualified personnel.

The following main testing activity is commonly carried out by the division:

  • mineralogical analysis
  • petrographic analysis
  • chemical analysis
  • determination of physical and absortion coefficient
  • measurement of the ultrasonic waves speed, longitudinal elastic and shear
  • measurement of the roughness of hte joints
  • permeability test
  • indirect tensile test
  • uniaxial compression test
  • triaxial compression test
  • point load test
  • direct shear tests
  • bending test
  • resistance to abrasion test
  • resistance to wear test
  • freeze-thaw test
  • sliding wear tests
  • turner-sclerometer test


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