Soil tests

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The “soil tests” division was founded with the aim to perform a wide range of geotechnical tests for the experimental assessment and the determination of main physical characteristics of soil, by means of advanced equipment and highly qualified personnel.

The “soil tests” laboratory of C.T.M. s.r.l. recognised by Ministry of Transport and Public Work D.P.R. No.380/2001 art.59 – Ministerial Decree (D.M.) No. 0004973 of 04/06/2010. C.T.M. s.r.l. and is authorised to carry out and certify testing of soils.

The following main testing activity is commonly carried out by the division:

  • general physical characteristics, properties, indices
  • sieving Particle size analysis
  • sedimentation particle size analysis
  • determination of the water content
  • determination of the water content by drying in a ventilated oven of aggregates
  • determination of particle size distribution
  • determination of particle size distribution of aggregates - Sieving method
  • determination of Atterberg limits
  • determination of density of fine-grained soil
  • determination of particle density - pycnometer method
  • determination of carbonates in soils
  • determination of relative density of cohesionless soils
  • determination of relative shrinkage of soils
  • determination of soil permeability
  • determination of soil compressibility in the oedometer apparatus
  • compaction standard or modified AASHO test
  • direct permeability oedometer test
  • swelling in oedometer cell Test
  • free lateral expansion (ELL)
  • direct shear box drained test of soils
  • unconfined compression test on fine-grained soil
  • permeability direct triaxal test
  • unconsolidated undrained triaxial test (UU)
  • consolidated undrained triaxial test (CIU)
  • consolidated drained triaxial test (CIU)
  • determination of unit weight of soils
  • permeability dependent variable test
  • permeability at constant load test
  • permeability at variable load test










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